BAHMAN RSS & Atom Feed Provider

 With just one file you can bring RSS feed for your website. It’s easy to use thou powerful. You need to just create a directory in your web server which is reachable from Internet. Then brows to the file. Both admin and user view encapsulated inside one file. to download this magneficent application please click here.

At the first run the default.aspx file searches for required .ini file. If it could not locate them, then it choose to show the admin mode. Otherwise it would provide RSS feeds based on previous saved configuration.

In admin mode you should take three simple steps to configure your RSS feed. First, you may configure the SQL Server connection string. This application supports Microsoft SQL Server connection only. After providing server name, database name, username and password, the application checks if the connection parameters are valid. It would go to next step if the connection is valid, otherwise shows a proper alert.

In second step you should tell the application that what you would name the RSS feed and what is the URL to the feed page. You may provide Copyright information and the feed type. This program supports RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feed type. You’d set the feed per page parameter and hit save and continue.

The last but not the least step is to provide database information on how to collect data from your database for further uses. You show the table or view in which the information of feed had been stored. Then you select proper columns for proper feed items from selected table or view. That’s all folks. Clicking on “Save & Finish!” button, your feed configuration tour has reached to the end. Proper alert will inform you.


If you brows to the application URL Again, you’ll have a very nice standard feed upon your configuration. Note that, this application runs on c# 4.0 server and   MS SQL Server 2005 and above. It saves the configurations on three text file so you should have the file reading and writing permission on the server.

Download BAHMAN RSS & Atom Feed Provide

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